Time Teaching Services


Kids all over the world are struggling to tell analogue time because everything has gone digital. Some people say we should get with the times and go digital too, but if they knew how easy it could be to learn, I’m sure they’d reconsider.

We want to help children learn this life skill. Let us teach your entire school how to tell the time in 15 minutes for FREE! 


Our Primary Educator will come to your school assembly and teach the whole school to tell the time with our EasyRead Time Teacher 3 step system in 15 minutes. Then with a little practice in class, your whole school will be reading and understanding analogue time, in no time!

For more information on this FREE offer please contact Lucille, our Primary Educator directly on Lucille@EasyReadTimeTeacher.com or fill out the form below.

All we require is the ability to video the lesson for advertising purposes.