Our Time Teaching System

Our unique time teaching system was developed following our analysis of the problems encountered by children learning to tell the time. Read our page “Why do children find it difficult to learn to tell the time” for more information.

To read an EasyRead clock the child only needs remember the 3 steps that make up our 3-step teaching system.

Step 1. Read the number at the end of the long hand

Step 2. Say which side the long hand is pointing to (past or to)

Step 3. Read the number at the end of the short hand.

Say it like this: 8…minutes to…2

It’s that simple

With just a little bit of practice every child can understand and remember these 3 simple steps and learn to tell the time quickly and easily. Learning to read regular clocks and watches will follow naturally as the information on the EasyRead clock becomes memorized through visible and incidental learning.

EasyRead Time Teacher invented the 3-step teaching system in 1992. It is the simplest and most effective time teaching system for children. It is protected by copyright and by design registrations.

Tell 12 and 24-hour time

Tell the time in minutes-past and minutes-to the hour