Use TwinTime to teach your students how to tell the time

Here at EasyRead Time Teacher we understand how difficult it can be to try to teach a classroom of children how to tell the time. However, we believe that our TwinTime clock cards are an efficient way to get the whole class involved in learning to tell the time and they work perfectly with both of our simple but effective teaching systems.

Each side of TwinTime has movable hands and a write on/wipe off section to write the times on underneath. We have TwinTime in both teacher and student editions. The student edition is the perfect size for smaller hands and can be used individually or in group work.

For the teacher it takes the stress and hassle out of planning.  We also have a number of free downloadable worksheets on our website, which work seamlessly with TwinTime. Our products are proven and trusted by hundreds of schools and thousands of teachers worldwide. For more information about our classroom resources click here.

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