Our simple yet effective system for telling the time

Tell the time in 3 simple steps


The maths curriculum requires children to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. It’s a daunting task and you might be wondering how you can help your child grasp this tricky concept. Many children have a difficult time learning how to tell the time so we have created a beautifully simple yet very effective 3-step method.


Let’s look at an example:



Step 1:

Read the number at the end of the long hand.

In our case, it would be ‘8’


Step 2:

Say which side it’s pointing to: ‘minutes to’ is the red side and ‘minutes past’ is the blue side.

On our clock, the long hand is on the red side so ‘minutes to’


Step 3:

Read the number at the end of the short hand.

The short hand is pointing to ‘2’


Put it all together so you will get:

‘8 minutes to 2’


Take a look at what our customers say about our 3 step teaching system:


“My five year old daughter learned to tell the time in five minutes!”


“Excellent, my daughter is very happy! She learnt time within two days – highly recommended.”


“I wish I had something like this when I was a child.”


“My son is 25 and has Down’s Syndrome, he’s used the watch and system for four days and is now telling the time correctly 99% of the time!”

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