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Here at EasyRead Time Teacher, we love to hear your feedback on our products. We especially like it when you tell us how our teaching systems have helped that important child in your life learn how to tell the time. Take a look at what is being said about EasyRead:

“We love this clock! Our 3 year-old is so excited to have this clock in his room because he can read it so easily. He could already read times on the hour and half-hour before, but within a day or two of receiving this clock, he was accurately reading all times. Also, it is completely silent, with no ticking whatsoever.” Sonja L, October 2015.

“I really like this clock. My daughter learned to tell time on it in just a few days. It is pretty enough to hang in our dining room. I actually ended up buying a second one to use in my office because the second hand is silent.” Dem & Scott Schnathorst, February 2016.

“Great clock! My pre-schooler and I love learning numbers and time with this clock.” Michael Browers, January 2016.

“Great investment for your kids. My daughter loves it and she did learn to tell analogue time.” Jc Ov, May 2016.

“This clock has really helped both my granddaughters to tell time. Just wish I had it with my own daughter! They should have these in every school.” Janie Clements, October 2016.

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