Help your child to learn to tell the time with one of our wall clocks.

We believe that our colourful wall clocks are a fantastic way of getting everyone in the family involved in helping teach children how to tell the time. Partnered with our effective teaching systems, and the large, easy-to-read faces, the clocks give your child ownership over their own learning.

The kindergarten maths curriculum requires children to be able to tell the time to the hour and half past the hour. Why not give your child a helping hand with this difficult task, and use one of our clocks to support their learning?

Our 3-step system makes learning to tell the time simple and easy to master.

First, read the number at the end of the long hand. For example in the above picture, the hand is pointing at the ‘8’. Then say which side it’s pointing to: either ‘minutes to’ or ‘minutes past’. In this case it’s pointing at ‘minutes to’. Finally, read the number at the end of the short hand; in the picture it’s ‘2’. Put it all together and you get ‘8 minutes to 2’.

The clocks go effortlessly into any room at home. Put it in the kitchen, where the whole family can get involved with learning to tell the time. When your child asks what time it is, you can use this as an opportunity to apply what they have been learning by pointing to the hands and encouraging them to say aloud what the hands are pointing to.

Or put it in your child’s bedroom, where your child can carry out what they’ve learned in their own time, giving them confidence to practise on their own. The silent running of the clock ensures that they will not be disturbed in the night by any constant ticking.

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