Help your child learn how to tell the time with our clocks

Here at EasyRead Time Teacher, we believe that our wall clocks are perfect for helping the important child in your life learn how to tell the time. The clocks fit in effortlessly into your home, put one in the kitchen and get the whole family involved in helping them learn to tell the time. Or put one in their bedroom, and give them ownership over their own learning. They are also silent running so they won’t disturb their sleep.

The clear and colourful faces are easy to read, and are supported by our highly effective easy to understand three-step teaching system.

First, read the number at the end of the long hand. For example in the picture, the hand is pointing at the ‘3’. Then say which side it’s pointing to: either ‘minutes to’ or ‘minutes past’. In this case it’s pointing at ‘minutes to’. Finally, read the number at the end of the short hand; in the picture it’s ‘4’. Put it all together and you get ‘3 minutes to 4’.

The three-step teaching system and our clocks will give your child ownership of their own learning, and the confidence to practise telling the time while. Parents have been eager to tell us how the clocks have helped their child learn to tell the time.

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