Bring learning into the centre of family life with one of our wall clocks

It can be hard when the important child in your life learns to tell the time, as it can lead to frustration and confusion. However, here at EasyRead Time Teacher, we have the perfect solution for you. Our rainbow wall clocks are robust, colourful and attractive, and are backed up by our proven three-step teaching system.

Why not bring their learning into the centre of family life and put one of our wall clocks into the kitchen? Here you can get the whole family involved in teaching your child how to tell the time. When they ask you what the time is, use this as an opportunity for them to practise telling the time by getting everyone to encourage them to read aloud where the hands are pointing to.

Or you can give your child ownership over their own learning by putting a clock into their bedroom.  By giving them the space to practise in their own time, you ensure that they gain confidence and with the clock always in view, learning how to tell the time will become second nature. Don’t worry, they are also silent running so that your child will not be kept awake at night by any ticking noises.

Parents around the world are by impressed by how quickly their children have mastered telling the time with one of our clocks. To buy one of our rainbow wall clocks click here.

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