EasyRead Time Teacher Goes To The Education Show Birmingham

After the successful launch at The Education Show UK last year, EasyRead Time Teacher will be exhibiting again this year. The 2015 show goes from the 19th to the 21st of March at The NEC Birmingham.

Our fabulous educational clocks will be on display at stand F2 and Sue Shackleton will be on hand to take you through our innovative three-step learning process and to discuss how our clocks can transform the way you teach time to children.

Winner of a Primary Teacher Update Gold Award, our EasyRead Classroom Wall Clock provides a working battery-powered wall clock that works hand in hand with a simple, step-by-step teaching system that helps most children learn to tell the time in just a few minutes.

Simple 3-step teaching system:
Step 1: Read the number at the end of the long hand
Step 2: Say which side it’s pointing to:  ‘minutes to’ red side; ‘minutes past’ blue side
Step 3: Read the number at the end of the short hand
Like this: ‘8 minutes to 2’ It’s that simple!

Teaching children about time, and learning to tell the time, spans several years of the Primary school curriculum.  Teachers have been using the same methods to teach children about time for many years.  It’s a part of the Maths curriculum that children often find difficult, particularly telling the time in terms of ‘minutes past’ and ‘minutes to’ the hour.  It’s also a subject that many Primary school teachers find difficult to teach.
EasyRead Time Teacher Ltd have developed a range of clocks that children find very easy to read.  The 3-step teaching system is easy to remember and easy to understand. Being able to correctly read the time from the clock builds children’s confidence and they really enjoy developing this essential life skill.  With regular reference to the clock, children quickly learn the skills needed to tell the time and can transfer these skills to other analogue clock faces.

Comments from teachers and parents.
‘What a super resource, an essential item for every classroom! Why stop at primary classrooms? Each secondary Maths room should have one too! I have been a successful teacher for 17 years and was looking for a clock for my children.  My 5 year old was telling the time confidently after an hour and then importantly, transferring her new skills to other analogue clocks by the end of the week. A marvellous idea!’

‘This clock is perfect for my classroom, the children love telling the time.’

‘This is the best time-teaching clock I’ve seen.  It is completely silent as the second hand glides around the clock rather than ticking.  It is very simply and clearly laid out and my autistic 8 year old son was telling the time accurately within a week.  It is very easy for a child to read.  He can now tell the time from any clock, even roman numerals, after only a few weeks of using this clock.’

‘Great clock. My son was struggling to tell the time. Put this clock up and he was telling the time by the end of the day. What more can you ask for? Great product, well made.’

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